This presentation, which was set up in an Ignite format (5 minutes with automatically advancing slides) gives a good overview of Della’s big picture perspective on how communities should be rethinking their approach to economic and community revitalization.

This longer talk, which was given to iCAN New York, expands on that perspective and was designed to help participants from local agencies and businesses rethink why conventional economic growth strategies seem mismatched to the issues their communities were facing.

This clip is from an interview, so the comments are more off-the-cuff, but it gave Della a good opportunity to talk about civic technology – using internet tools to improve how people interact with their government and their neighbors.


This selection comes from a webinar that Della did for the American Planning Association about internet-based tools for online public participation.  This is the topic of an upcoming book that Della has written for Routledge Press, due out in late 2016.  You can also read selections from that book at the Wise Economy Workshop or Medium.