Presentation and media samples


This talk, which was given to iCAN New York, was designed to help participants from local agencies and businesses rethink why conventional economic growth strategies seem mismatched to the issues their communities were facing.


This selection comes from a webinar that Della did for the American Planning Association about internet-based tools for online public participation.  


Media Samples

This 2020 interview with AARP focused on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses, and how AARP members could help.


This interview gave Della a good opportunity to talk about civic technology – using internet tools to improve how people interact with their government and their neighbors.


As a result of Della’s years of advising the Downtown Project in Las Vegas on revitalization and management, Della found herself on Nevada Public Radio with the job of giving a more realistic perspective on revitalization to a community that had never been there before.  Start listening at about 25 minutes in:


And here’s an Econogy-focused podcast with LuckyGirlieGirl, a business and communications site: