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Della has been writing about ways to accelerate innovation, increase civic engagement and equip Future-Ready communities and businesses for more than 10 years.  Here’s a sampling:

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The Local Economy Revolution Has Arrived: What’s Changed and How You Can Help 

Resilient and economically healthy local communities matter to all of us more than ever — but we’ve also learned that they’re much more fragile than we realized.  More than ever, we need new ways to grow small businesses, increase community engagement, capitalize on human potential, deal with the failures of the past, and more.  But how?

This expanded and updated version digs into the profound sea changes in the world surrounding our communities, and why so many of our accustomed ways of trying to make communities better don’t work.  Instead of blindly repeating what we’ve done in the past,The Local Economy Revolution Has Arrived helps us see our communities the way they really are in today — how places and their people are being transformed by forces we often don’t see, and how those transformations are often inadvertently in conflict with The Way We Do Things.

Part teaching  and part personal stories, Rucker uses everyday examples to make deep issues visible to volunteer advocate and professional alike.  An accomplished writer in addition to a subject matter expert, Rucker’s prose ranges from touching to factual to funny, as she takes the reader through scenarios that range from grieving the loss of her father, to the impacts of economic incentives, to the universal parent struggle of getting a kid to find their shoes.  The book unfolds in short, stand-alone chapters, making for an easy read and allowing the reader to examine the big issues from a variety of down-to-earth perspectives.

The Local Economy Revolution is a book for anyone who cares about their community, from the occasional volunteer to the city manager.  And for anyone who wants to make the place they care about better prepared for a resilient and people-focused future.


CrowdSourcing Wisdom

Creating an economy that not only works for everyone, but leverages everyone, requires changing how we do the fundamental work of of choosing the future for their community.  Crowdsourcing Wisdom outlines both a new approach and step-by-step instructions for creating a public space where everyone’s wisdom benefits all of us.

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Everybody Innovates Here

Developing a higher-impact, more sustainable, more inclusive and more effective way to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship across your entire economy

We create a lot of good ideas, but too often they stay small and scattered.  We need to get more of them to reach more people, faster.  Building on discoveries in business, entrepreneurship and economic development, Innovation Infrastructure gives us a blueprint for not just building businesses, but accelerating the transformations we need.

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You can find pre-recorded and livestream video, including the Accelerate Us: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Local Economy Revolution series, on YouTube.

And you can find audio podcasts of Accelerate Us productions and other materials on Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.  If you can’t find it on your favorite podcast app, search for “Building a Wise Local Economy.”

You can also find Della’s books and Short Shots in various formats at Wise Fool Press, Amazon, Lulu and Gumroad, as well as through any other site where you get your books or e-books.