About Della


Della Rucker is a speaker, advisor and writer who focuses on new strategies for helping people and places thrive in the emerging economic, technical and cultural era.  Part futurist, part grassroots organizer, Della has spent more than 20 years constructing new solutions for start-ups, small businesses and communities.

Della has worked in economic development, urban planning, public engagement and facilitation across the US, in environments ranging from the very urban to the very rural. She has managed development of fiscal impact models, led contentious public meetings, pushed committees through hard choices and listened to the fears and frustrations of hundreds of public servants and dedicated advocates. A serial entrepreneur, Della has managed innovation teams for businesses ranging from start-ups to established, and designed strategies for creating new solutions to wicked problems by enabling diverse teams of outsiders to systematically understand and bring new answers to the situation.

Della is the Chief Futurist of Econogy, a groundbreaking company dedicated to accelerating innovation through experiential education, and Principal of the Wise Economy Workshop, which focuses on public sector innovation and meaningful public engagement.

Della has spoken at more than 100 seminars, conferences, and other events nationwide, on topics ranging from public engagement methods to downtown parking strategies.  She emphasizes audience involvement and designs presentations so that attendees can immediately practice what they have heard.

Della is a native of Bedford, Ohio.  She holds an undergraduate degree in secondary education from Northwestern University in Chicago, and a Master of Community Planning with a concentration in Economic Development from the University of Cincinnati.  She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two sons.