Why Della?

You know that your members or community members need new thinking and new tools if they are going to be able to truly make change happen in a complex, changing world.  But most of the speakers you find seem to recycle the same old stuff you’ve heard at a hundred other events.

You need a new perspective.

Your conference or event attendance has been declining, or at least isn’t going.  You know, or at least suspect, that your usual audience is bored, tired of speakers who cling to the podium and drone.  You need to give them an experience that they will enjoy, and that they’ll remember next year.

You need a new approach.

Della is a different kind of speaker.  Trained in theater and experienced in the most advanced methods of classroom education, Della combines engaging presentations and engaging activities in ways that don’t leave people sitting still for long.  They will laugh, they will talk, and in the process they will learn profoundly new and doable ways to make the communities they care about better.

And Della is a different kind of thinker.  Part futurist and part grassroots organizer, fluent in economic theory and emerging technology and granular-scale community development, Della connects the deep implications of the trends you may have sensed but not grappled with, and helps you find hands-on methods for leveraging your assets and new tools to create powerful and sustainable change.

We don’t need sleep-through lectures, and we don’t need rehashed ideas.  Let’s do an event that makes a real difference for your members and your communities.

Contact Della today to discuss how we can make it happen.