Future-Ready Business and Work

The Skills you Really Need and Where to Find them

Preparing for 21st-Century work and losing 19th-century mental baggage


Even the best-educated of us often don’t learn the skills we will need to thrive in the new economic era.  We will examine what 

research is telling us we need to learn, how our education missed that part, and how we can build our 21st century capabilities.  Good for young and older audiences, awesome for a mix.

Everybody Innovates Here

Finding important new solutions means we need to set up our systems to enable  uber-diverse decisions


We have a lot of very important problems to solve, but we’re not solving them fast enough.  How can we accelerate innovation? Step outside of conventional innovation-talk, and let’s explore how to break open truly new ideas — no skunkworks required.


The Do It Yourself Innovation District

How to leverage your people and places to create great new businesses


We need lots more innovation, and we need it fast.  But innovators and entrepreneurs don’t thrive just on fancy buildings — they thrive on people, community, and deep diversity. So you can create an innovation district without an eight-figure budget.  Explore the key components of a place where innovation thrives and envision how your community could put these in action.

Break Your Head

Practical Strategies for innovation by getting out of your own way


How often do our own assumptions, models and paradigms block us from the truly effective solution we’re seeking?  Much more often than we think. We’ll explore one woman’s story of breaking down her own mental barriers and what science says we can do to help.  


What are you Talking about?

The challenges and opportunities of intergenerational founding teams


If diverse teams develop more creative solutions, founders who were born in different decades should be primed to create valuable new businesses, right?  Yes, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. With a Baby Boomer, a Gen X and a Millenial at the helm, Econogy has gained insights into creating value across the generational divide.  We’ll tell you what we’ve learned.